On-Site Training

Studies have shown the best way to learn any subject, including software, is to see, hear, and do. Definity's on-site training instructs your users by giving them a chance to see, hear, and do. Our trainers work directly with your staff, at your location, to customize and solve your specific problems. The result? Convenient, focused, practical training, and a shared experience for your team at a cost-per-employee that can be half as much as sending staff to other training seminars. Contact Definity today to find out more details. 

Online Video Instruction & Tutorials

Our free tutorial videos cover a wide range of configuration and functionality for Definity CIS. These helpful videos focus on sales and customer relationship management. Find the help you need here in Definity’s CIS video tutorials.  
"Definity Software has been great to work with. I truly believe Definity is a large part in keeping us not only competitively priced, but in business during these tough economic times. I am truly spoiled by this system… It’s pure genius!"

Mark Mazzurco
President, H & M Landscaping, Inc.